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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Farberware and blogging

Farberware's pride & joyOne of the things I never anticipated about blogging was how much fun it would be to see, from the stats pages you can get through various services, what searches on Google, Yahoo!, etc. have led people to your website.

Earlier tonight, for instance, someone found his or her way to one of my first posts, entitled "Warning: Overpressurized African nations may EXPLODE into litigation," via a Google search on the phrase "Farberware Programmable 8-Qt Pressure Cooker." 

The amazing thing (to me, at least) was that the link to my post was on page 13 of Google's results ... meaning someone presumably clicked through 12 prior pages of search results about this no-doubt-very-fine pressure cooker, then found the link to my website, then clicked on it.

I'm not even going to begin listing some of the ... urrrrmm, weird (let's leave it at "weird") searches involving the term "Olsen Twins" that have led people here.  Let's just say that most of them, probably, have been disappointed.

BeldarBlog!  Now entering its second month of bringing you exclusively SFW content — highly pressurized!

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