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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

NYT corrects; Beldar takes a bow

I probably wasn't the only one to send NYT public editor Daniel Okrent a few link-filled emails.  But I sent my share, and had blogged about it, and hence was pleased to see this correction (warning: link probably won't last long, it seems to be a changing-content page) today:

• An article on Thursday about political advertising in the presidential campaign, including a commercial that accused John Kerry of having "secretly met with the enemy'' in Paris in the 1970's, misidentified the parties with whom Mr. Kerry said he had met at the Vietnam peace talks. (The error was repeated in articles on Friday and Saturday.) The parties were the two Communist delegations — North Vietnam and the Vietcong's Provisional Revolutionary Government — with whom he discussed the status of war prisoners. He did not say he had met with "both sides." (Go to Sept. 23 Article), (Go to Sept. 24 Article), (Go to Sept. 25 Article)

Okay, three NYT stories repeating this mistake, versus one paragraph in the corrections.  By NYT standards, that's progress, I guess — but still awfully sad.  Shouldn't the NYT maybe run a text version of the sixth SwiftVets ad for free, to balance things out?  And where's the hard-hitting NYT investigative journalists' piece on Kerry's later trip(s) to meet with the enemy in Paris, eh?  (Yeah, I sent them the links to get them started on that, too, but I suspect my email has been lost in the pajama filter.)

Update (Wed Sep 29 @ 8:45pm): After further review, I've noted that the NYT has corrected the online version of the three articles to add the text of the correction paragraph at the bottom of each, and a conspicuous reference to the correction at the top of each; hopefully they'll go that way into the Times' own archives and Lexis-Nexis versions.

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A friendly pat of the back to ya, Beldar.

Oh... and an attaboy.

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