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Sunday, September 07, 2008

A respectful suggestion to the McCain-Palin campaign: Change your slogans

In 2006, when Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell ran for governor and lieutenant governor in Alaska, their campaign slogan was "New Energy for Alaska."

I think there is a lot of truth to Sarah Palin's one-liner, during her acceptance speech at the GOP convention, to the effect that the presidency is not supposed to be a voyage of self-discovery. Before delivering that line, she ought to have warned everyone who's read Barack Obama's first book not to be mid-gulp of any beverage.

But Obama's self-absorption and messianic status aside, I am not a fan of the McCain campaign's slogan, "Country First," which pre-dated the Palin announcement.

In his own mind, Barack Obama thinks he would be the best choice for the country, and tens of millions of people agree with him. They find this slogan to be presumptuous and offensive. The slogan lets Obama righteously thunder, "I've got news for you, John McCain, we all put country first." And even though that's not true, there's no reason for McCain to let his own campaign slogan furnish his opponent with such a plausible come-back.

The McCain campaign's secondary slogan, "Reform * Prosperity * Peace," could be used by any politician who's ever run for office. They excite no one. The campaign might just as well go with "Mom * Apple Pie * Kittens."

Look at this amazing photograph (h/t PrestoPundit), taken at the McCain-Palin rally in Colorado Springs yesterday, which shows more powerfully and certainly more concisely than all the thousands and thousands of words all the pundits have written in the past ten days just how the race has changed:

McCain-Palin campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on September 6, 2008 (AP photo)

I respectfully suggest that the McCain-Palin campaign announce — simultaneously with Sen. McCain's carefuly considered change of position on drilling in ANWR, preferably from some of the mud flats there so that camera crews can capture their bleak ordinariness — the change in their campaign slogan to: "McCain-Palin: New Energy for America."

Energy is their best, simplest, strongest domestic issue. The "new energy" slogan is broad enough, however, to cover their entire reform agenda. And if there's one thing that everyone already knows about John McCain, it's that he's a warrior: His name is worth more in foreign policy/national security credibility than any slogan ever crafted.

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(1) arb made the following comment | Sep 7, 2008 2:04:00 PM | Permalink

The slogan lets Obama righteously thunder, "I've got news for you, John McCain, we all put country first."

Yes, but in Barack's case, it's Germany.

(2) Randy made the following comment | Sep 7, 2008 3:11:57 PM | Permalink

I really like the McCain/Palin sticker that simply had Energy. Independence. on it. That being said - I like the New Energy for America tag line too.

(3) Nathan made the following comment | Sep 7, 2008 4:02:14 PM | Permalink

Let me just go on record as opposing kittens. Kittens may seem cute, but they grow up to be cats. Everyone knows that cats are arrogant and aloof. Do we really want our great nation to be associated with that?

I would urge everyone instead to adopt the puppy platform. Not only are puppies cuter than kittens, they also grow up to be dogs, and dogs are loyal and brave.

(4) Mongo Mere Pawn made the following comment | Sep 7, 2008 4:08:40 PM | Permalink

I like your suggestion as well, but Obama already stole the slogan when he gave his energy speech in Detroit last month. Go back and look at the video. In the background, the slogan was everywhere. I commented at the time over at Adam Brinkley's blog that Obama himself was effectively making the case for Governor Palin as Senator McCain's running mate by not only coopting her campaign slogan, but by specifically mentioning the Trans-Canadian natural gas pipeline as an example of what America should be doing to become energy independent -- without attributing the success to Governor Palin. Most everyone commented on her giving props to Senator Obama the next day on his speech, but most didn't notice the irony in her comment. He coopted her slogan. He commended her accomplishment. And he advocated a windfall profits tax that sounded a lot like what she got through the Legislature, although not a windfall profits tax, and rebated back to the people of Alaska.

Seriously, go back and review his speech. He pretty much ripped her off and I hope the McCain-Palin campaign uses clips from his Detroit speech to make him look like the plagiarist that his running mate is.

(5) Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet made the following comment | Sep 7, 2008 4:40:17 PM | Permalink

I hope Beldar has the same influence with the campaign he had with the Palin selection.

On Mongo's point, the "background" slogans typically don't make it to bumper stickers and campaign signs.

Palin's slogan as modified is still available.

(6) Damiano made the following comment | Sep 7, 2008 10:42:02 PM | Permalink

All technicalities aside, I think that this is a genius idea.

Country First, while perfectly descriptive of McCain, is uninspired.

They have a great plan and big things in the works. They need an equally big slogan.

A good slogan and pretty speeches are about all Obama had going for him and look how far it's gotten him. If the McCain camp can get something inspirational going, it's one step further to being in the bag.

(7) Lorie Byrd made the following comment | Sep 7, 2008 11:08:20 PM | Permalink

I love the energy slogan! It is much better than anything they are using now and boy is it accurate.

(8) Mike Devx made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 1:54:21 AM | Permalink

"Energy. Independence."
That's perfect and does it for me!

"New Energy For America" is not bad either.

(9) UpNights made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 7:25:10 AM | Permalink

When I first saw your slogan last week, I assumed it was an actual McCain campaign ad (I didn't read the disclaimer below it). I thought it was perfect and wondered why I wasn't seeing it elsewhere.

(10) TorreyMako made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 11:08:12 AM | Permalink

I have met Sarah Palin's father Chuck a retired school teacher and sports coach, mother Nancy retired school employee and pass by their home. They are active, athletic, highly adventuresome, bright, great citizens of America forever active in CONSERVATIVE politics. Sarah grew up in a great family in the midst of Republican parties hosted by her parents. Her young life is full of championship achievements:

Consider the courage and achievement of Mrs. Sarah Palin. It is extraordinary.

As a no body member of three person Alaska oil and Gas Commission salary $125,000 appointed by Republican Governor Frank Murkowski she filed ethics complaint against another member of oil and Gas Commission Randy Ruederich Chairman of the Republican Party Alaska. He was found guilty and fined $10,000 the largest ever in Alaska. She filed ethics complaint on the Attorney General who was removed from office. She refused to participate in the 'Good-Old Boy Network' of Frank Murkowski, quit the Oil and Gas commission and returned to home and motherhood unemployed. She thought POLITICALLY DEAD FOREVER. The citizens of Alaska cheered her accomplishment and true grit. She was treated as an enemy by the Republican Party.

Come election for Governor she filed Republican candidate for Governor. She received zero support and much abuse from the Alaska Republican Party whose full effort was elect Frank. Frank received 19 % of the Primary Election vote. Sarah became the champion of the people and Republican candidate for Governor her Democrat opponent the Previous Governor Tony Knowles. Tony received million dollars plus money from sources outside Alaska plus full support of the Democratic Party Alaska. Sarah received zero support from Republican Party Alaska and funded her campaign by small donations from the people. As elsewhere the newspapers and TV favored the Democrat. The moral, honest people, I am proud to say elected Mrs. Sarah Palin our Great State of Alaska Governor guaranteed ethical open Government. Her star qualities impeccable integrity, great intelligence, fearless courage, perfect poise, gentle compassion, beauty and charm. We Alaskan's were proud and remain proud we elected Sarah Governor.

As a priority ethics reform was signed into law. Several employees found new jobs, She cancelled several pork barrel construction contracts, sold Murkowski's jet, terminated the chef, relieved the State Trooper personal protection, threw the Murkowski big three oil company gas pipeline project and oil tax system in the trash. Led the legislature to pass fair and equitable tax on oil that this year brought maybe $6 billion additional revenue. And just signed legislature approved contract with Trans-Canada to build the gas pipeline. Trans Canada is currently completing the aerial photographic mapping of the route.

She has never had less than an 80% approval rating as Governor despite constant lambasting by our liberal media and jealous persons.

My answer to your question, "What is your opinion about your Governor as the Vice Presidential running mate for John McCain?" is John has picked the best person alive on our planet to be his Vice President. This beautiful, brilliant, fearless, athletic, warrior, patriot, good in all ways young mother from Wasilla Alaska will charm the panty hose off the real women of America. The real men will love her. She will be a great Vice President. With this experience she would be a great President of the United States of American. This girl kicks ass of those who need it and gets the big, hard jobs done in a pleasant way. She is a compassionate great woman; a political star has been discovered.

When I heard John had picked Sarah I was emotionally enthralled, jumping with joy. Sarah's sterling performance at the Convention met my expectation. First time to speak to the Country and many people of the world. She was like a kid on the playground having fun. Here I am come play with me, have a good time and together we shall make the Country better than we found it.

The socialists, leftists, liberals, feminazis led by the media will go to war with all weapons at their disposal to destroy, discredit, harm Sarah. I bet on Sarah coming through the battle loved and respected by the patriotic, moral, ethical American's. She gives John McCain a good chance to be elected POTUS.


Col. Blanch Retired USAF

(11) Maura made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 2:22:12 PM | Permalink

"McCain-Palin: New Energy for America."

That's be a Great new slogan! Are we allowed to 'borrow' your idea?

McCain-Palin '08 !

(12) Jeff B. made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 4:52:26 PM | Permalink

The slogan "Energy. Independence." comes from Ace Of Spades HQ. He came up with the idea and photoshopped it onto a pretty nice looking official placard:


(13) Tex Lovera made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 4:56:17 PM | Permalink

I'm sorry, but IMHO the signs and bumper stickers should simply say:

"McCain/Palin '08

Watch the leftoids' heads explode...

(14) Paul made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:00:13 PM | Permalink


Is it okay with you if others use your graphic on their blogs?

(15) Steve Hunter made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:02:21 PM | Permalink

Energy. Independence. Guts.

Obama and the hairpiece lack all three. And Americans love all three.

(16) Chris Muir made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:02:46 PM | Permalink

I saw this somewhere before:

McCain -Palin
Real Change.

(17) Beldar made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:04:27 PM | Permalink

Paul and Maura, anyone is welcome to use that .jpg and, of course, the slogan, or to alter or re-size it, without any need for attribution. I claim no rights to either.

Jeff B., I agree that Ace's is also quite clever, and quite good. It has the advantage that it could be used as a chant and response or stadium cheer (with a nice syncopation).

Distinguished Mr. Muir: "Real Change" is accurate, but I'm afraid it's too much like The One's Hopey Changitude message. What I like about "Energy" in both my formulation and Ace's is that it is specific to the GOP's best domestic issue (which also has real foreign policy/national security overtones as well), while also being generally descriptive of the emotional groundswell of the revitalized campaign.

I suspect the McCain campaign focused group-tested "America First" within an inch of its life before they went with it, and I suspect that they were aware of the subtle, plausibly deniable put-down inherent in it. So I'm not holding my breath. But as Ace notes, Jim Geraghty's success in getting one of his lines into Gov. Palin's speech give all of us mere internet scribblers visions of grandeur.

(18) Kasper Hauser made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:12:56 PM | Permalink

How about "McCain-Palin: What the hell are YOU looking at NBC?"

(19) AST made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:18:48 PM | Permalink

I wouldn't be too worried about Obama claiming that he puts nation first, since he clearly puts the U.N. first, and any slogan you pick will have Obama righteously thundering against it.

I've been thinking I'd like a sticker that says: "CHANGE in the Right Direction! McCain/Palin 2008" or "The kind of Change we want! McCain/Palin!"

The big thing to consider is that the Democrats have controlled both houses of Congress for two years and the only change they've brought about was to reduce the number of Congressional actions. Both sides promise change, but the left is offering more bread, circuses and socialism and McCain is promising to cut wasteful spending and stand firm in the cause of freedom. You can't put that all on sticker.

Maybe the best reason to vote for McCain is to preserve the balance of powers, but that's not a good slogan.

What I really would like is some way to reform the Republican Party without handing power to the Democrats while it's underway.

(20) betheweb made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:35:17 PM | Permalink

I don't about an overall slogan, but I'd like a button that declares:

I've Got A Pal
In John McCain

(21) Patrick Carroll made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:39:04 PM | Permalink

Personally, I prefer the Fred Thompson lines over at imao.us:

"Kill the terrorists."
"Protect the borders."
"Punch the hippies."

Anyway, and on a serious note, McCain likes to pretend his campaign almost flamed out earlier this year because of his support of the surge. In fact, his campaign almost flamed out because of his support of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform", also known as the "Y'all Come!" plan.

I think he's just slightly less flawed than Obama. Slightly.

(22) Bob D. made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:39:19 PM | Permalink

If Obama changes his positions any more, he will be standing in McCains underware.

(23) TRO made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:40:27 PM | Permalink

The Country First only annoys Obama supporters. McCain should keep it for that reason alone, but frankly it is much better than your energy idea.

(24) Ozwitch made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:48:47 PM | Permalink

If we're going along the change line, how about

Obama/Biden: Change you can believe in.

McCain: Change you can COUNT on.

(25) Richard made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:49:10 PM | Permalink

I like:
Energy. Independence.
Change You Can Trust.

(26) Whitehall made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:52:17 PM | Permalink

So McCain is to appropriate a campaign slogan used 2 years earlier by his VP choice in some backwater governor race?

Fat chance.

Remember that politics is about egos and in spite of McCain's acceptance speech, he still has a very big one.

"Country First" is vacuous but it does highlight the patriotism gap between McCain and Obama. Given Obama's weakness relative to McCain, that might be enough to ask a slogan and enough to win an election.

(27) Andy Freeman made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 5:56:25 PM | Permalink

The Change You Want.

(28) Brian C made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 6:07:25 PM | Permalink

I like it! No reason that can't be part of a flash animation along with other slogans, even if it isn't their one-and-only. I bet it will take hold!

(29) Carl Pham made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 6:11:56 PM | Permalink

I think you're wrong, Beldar, for the following reasons:

(1) Despite media appearances, people do *not* vote for President on a single issue. They vote more on character, personality, and general values. That's *why* Obama has a chance, that's why his stance on "issues" isn't that big a deal. Making "energy" the centerpiece of a McCain campaign would be a mistake, because it would reinforce the stodgy Bob Dole image. This is an energy-policy wonk, not a man of character to lead the nation in any number of unknown issues that may arise over the next eight years.

(2) Emphasizing a thing tends to run the risk of suggesting compensation, e.g. anyone who trumpets his ethics real loud is immediately suspected of covering up some dirty stuff. Someone who talks at length about being a man of the people (Kerry, Edwards) can be suspected of being a rich boy covering up. In McCain's case, his age is an issue, and people wonder if he's got the energy required to do the job. If he starts talking about his energy everywhere he goes, more or less symbolically saying he can still drop and do 20 quick push-ups as well as Barack can, he's going to look like he's compensating. It would work fine for Palin to use, if she were the head of the ticket, as a way of emphasizing the good aspects of her youth and newness, but she's not the head of the ticket, and "energy" doesn't fit the McCain style or advantages.

(3) Along those lines, it's just not McCain. "Energy" is not his main quality, it's not what makes people admire him, or think he'd be a decent leader. What they think of is character, a guy who means what he says, says what he means, and puts moral rectitude and service to country over mere political expediency. He knows that, and that's why he rode the "Straight Talk Express," and why he's got this "Country First" slogan. It fits him.

(4) It intelligently draws a contrast between the Democratic party's "globalism" wing, well represented by Obama and his continual talking as if we need to please foreigners in who we choose as President, including his dumbass trip to Germany -- as if Potsdamers can vote, or should! It also draws a contrast with the cynical political expediency and self-interest of the Clintons. You can't imagine Bill or Hillary Clinton making a decision putting country first, themselves second -- and it's useful to remind people of that distasteful fact.

(5) I don't think people really expect a Presidential candidate to lay out now, in the campaign, all the solutions to all the nation's problems that may arise over the next 8 years. That's nuts. So it's not so much a candidate's *solutions* that matter so much as the criteria he'll be using to come up with (presently unforeseen) solutions to (not yet existing) problems. McCain is saying: I don't know the problems we'll face in 2011, in energy or in anything else, so I can't tell you what my solutions will be -- but I *can* tell you *how* I'll come up with those solutions: by considering the needs of the country (this country, not any other, by the way) above any other needs.

(6) Finally, Americans really are patriotic, especially in the mid-20s and early 30s, and in the West, which is exactly the swing groups McCain is after (hence the pick of Palin, I think -- just look at how she plays in Colorado, 9 electoral votes, Obama up 0.4% in the last poll). Folks like these, with kids ages 1 to 5, first mortgage, first real promotion at work, they are sick of the Democrat's demeaning of their country and their lifestyle, and I think they're very happy to have someone unashamedly say: I'm running for President of a proud United States of America, to represent Americans, and I'm proud to do it.

(7) I think you overestimate the importance of the energy issue by November. You'll notice the price of oil has plunged back down again? This is no big surprise, since it follows all the oil bubbles of the past, peaking just before the summer travel season, crashing in the fall. The price of gas will be not far above what it was a year ago by November, and people will be more used to it anyway, so it all by itself is not an issue that is going to win the election. It would be a mistake to build your entire message around it.

(8) I also think you mistake the goal of saying something the base finds satisfying with the goal of winning over independent moderates. The base would love to hear McCain put the fork to all those media post-mortems of the Reagan coalition, wipe the unctious smirk off all the pundits sonorously stating conservatism is dead, discouraged, dispirited. But that's not the goal here. The goal is to win over moderates and independents. Remember that, at the margin, these are folks who are wary of voting for McCain, who worry he might be too far to the right for them. Do they want to hear that he's an especially energetic President? That he'll be pursuing his agenda with considerable vigor? No, that's rather what would worry them. They would rather hear that he's going to be steady, thoughtful, that he won't be a prisoner of his base, that he'll be taking into consideration the aspirations and ideals of moderate and even leftist voters -- in other words, that he will indeed represent the country, the whole country, and not just the Republican party.

(9) I'm going to quote your Harriet Meiers POV back at you: one thing McCain has shown over and over again this season is an inspired, even genius, political insight. He has built a serious chance of winning essentially out of spit and bailing wire, against a huge Democratic structural headwind, by making the correct call in terms of building an electoral majority over and over again, up to and including the Palin pick. Probably we should trust him on the slogan, too. He probably has a better guess about what will work to win the election than any of us armchair warriors.

(10) Watch Sarah Palin. Notice how she talks about McCain, emphasizing him. She's a smart politician, and she knows the only way this ticket will win is if people are happy with McCain. Sarah can add bounce and verve, but if people really think McCain is just some tired placeholder being taken over by the more energetic and interesting Palin -- and notice that this meme has already popped up in MSM, i.e. enemy, coverage -- then they're just going to wait for 2016 to pull the switch for Palin for Prez. They're not going to put a figurehead geezer into office. So it's *not* a good idea to steal an election slogan from Palin herself, any more than it would be for McCain to start wearing an upswept hairdo or chuckle about being Ms. Palin's running mate. That may be great for yuks, but it won't win the election.

(30) Ken Johnson made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 6:41:07 PM | Permalink

Ref "Hell Yeah" ...

Montgomery Gentry have a song with that title

(31) Mike Judge made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 6:56:47 PM | Permalink

I like this slogan for Sarah Palin - Changing Diapers, Changing Washington.

(32) Justin Casey made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 6:57:31 PM | Permalink

How about "Drill Baby, Drill"?

(33) Mister Snitch! made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 7:23:33 PM | Permalink

If you pursue the Obama "change" line, Obama wins. Same if he adopts a version of a McCain slogan. First one who blinks loses the message race.

Great photo, thanks.

(34) zinnia made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 8:06:05 PM | Permalink

I don't think a big turnout in Colorado Springs is much of a surprise. Actually it would have been a greater surprise if they hadn't been received by such a large crowd -- that is Dobsonville after all.

(35) C Smith made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 9:17:25 PM | Permalink

It's 30 years old, but I think Rush already answered the mail on "Change":

(36) DRJ made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 9:28:43 PM | Permalink

A toast to Beldar and his excellent blogging on McCain-Palin.

(37) james made the following comment | Sep 8, 2008 11:55:52 PM | Permalink

Energy for America, would be good EXCEPT it was already used. I can just imagine the field day that Obama and the Pro-Obama press would have with it. (They can't even come up with new ideas for a campaign slogan, see how ...........(blah, blah, blah, blah blah).

I would prefer something like: Real American's... Real Reformers.

Proven Americans.... Proven Reformers

PS: Puppies, better then kittens Dogs will work, are loyal and loving.

(38) R. Ford Mashburn made the following comment | Sep 9, 2008 12:22:42 AM | Permalink

McCain Palin 08 -- Cut. Kill. Dig. Drill.

(39) H Flynn made the following comment | Sep 10, 2008 4:40:07 AM | Permalink

Yesterday Obamanation called Sarah Palin a pig. This campaign is getting super personal. I suggest McCain blast back with an ad on housing. Something to the effect Obama says he can solve the nation's housing problems? How can Obama solve the nation's housing problem when he can't solve the housing problem of his own brother.

(40) Jeff Tyler made the following comment | Sep 26, 2008 12:48:18 AM | Permalink

Speaking of slogans, there're some on thsi site.

E.g. Obiden'08: Changing Washington for 35 Years

(41) charles made the following comment | Oct 5, 2008 12:29:00 PM | Permalink

Change you can trust, a slogan that could turn around McCain's campaign?

Change you can trust contrasts beautifully with change you can believe in.

Everyone wants change, only with a team that we can trust to implement it.
If you're in a tough spot, you want someone to come to help you that you can trust, not someone you believe may want to help you.

John McCain, polls show, is rated as highly qualified and highly trusted. This slogan, change you can trust, reinforces this message.

It can even be added on to John McCain’s current slogan. Country first, change you can trust. Or perhaps Change you can trust that puts Country first. Or how about Change you can trust that puts America first

It implies without directly saying it that the other side is perhaps a little less trustworthy.

It also reinforces the message that in a time we are facing battle with Al Qaeda worldwide and two conventional wars, John McCain is a commander in chief you can trust to lead us to victory.

There are 30 days left before Election Day. Sarah Palin’s debate performance was good, but it's really up to John McCain to win.





John, are you listening???


(42) Ray made the following comment | Oct 23, 2008 9:15:57 PM | Permalink

In light of the latest smear by the MSM on her wardrobe, lets throw it back in their face.Let Sarah Palin go to the next rally in Jeans and a USA sweatshirt and say she would rather the MSM focus on the issues than waste time on her clothes.

(43) Helen Brewer made the following comment | Oct 27, 2008 8:09:56 PM | Permalink

This is a suggestion that I think may help the Mccain campaign. I hope so. Instead of using the phrase "middle class people" he should use "middle income class people". Even though we are in the middle income, that does not make us middle class. And if we are in the low income class, that does not make us low class people. I think it would show low and middle income families respect. That is the people that pays the most taxes.

(44) Helen Brewer made the following comment | Oct 27, 2008 8:30:48 PM | Permalink

This is a suggestion that I think may help the McCain campaign. I hope so. Instead of using the phrase "middle class people" he should use "middle income class people". Even though we are in the middle income, that does not make us middle class. And if we are in the low income class, that does not make us low class people. Everytime I hear the phrase "middle class or low class people", it makes me ill to think that is the way they look at the majority of the people in the United States. I think it would show low and middle income families respect. We are the people that help pay those high salaries, buy those fancy houses and cars, and big expense accounts. I hope McCain and Palin will try this out before the election.

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