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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twisted dollop of evil scum Bill Ayers claims his and Weather Underground's bombs were mere "protests" and never terrorism, but that U.S. gov't "murdered" thousands every month

I know that when John McCain called Bill Ayers just "some washed up old terrorist," he was trying to minimize Ayers' significance and deprive him of any current relevancy.

But that was just another of McCain's well-intentioned misjudgments.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and neighbors, there is evil in the world, and Bill Ayers was, and remains to this very day, a twisted dollop of evil scum. Perhaps he hasn't set off a bomb in the previous few years — although I wouldn't bet the ranch on that, and he still refuses to rule out future violence — but he's as totally inappropriate a candidate for the phrase "washed up" as Adolf Eichmann was just because he hadn't gassed any Jews in the previous few years before his trial and execution in 1962.

Proof: In a post-election interview yesterday with ABC News, this piece of excrement had the nerve — one might say, "the audacity" — to simultaneously contend that the bombings he and his comrades in the Weather Underground did were "not terrorism because [they didn't] target people, to kill or injure," but that "thousands of people were being murdered every month" by the lawful, elected, democratic government of the United States of America. That's a despicable, intentional, unforgivable, scurrilous lie, immediately followed by another.

It is a terrible mistake to try to minimize great evil. Ayers already lacks legitimacy; he cannot be further delegitimized or marginalized by wishful, inaccurate thinking like that represented by McCain's dismissive language.

I can excuse, barely, Chris Cuomo of ABC's "Good Morning America" for speaking to this vile bastard without overtly judgmental statements: Sometimes journalists arguably have to sheer away their own humanity to expose evil to public view.

But anyone else who could sit in the same room with Bill Ayers without complaint, without speaking out about his continued depravity, has deliberately chosen to ignore evil — and by ignoring it, to perpetuate and implicitly defend it. That this worm has taken Barack Obama's election as his cue to crawl from his hole and spew his nasty lies is one of the sickest and saddest things I've ever seen happen in America.

And to the extent John McCain's characterization of Ayers was a suggestion that nobody ought to care anymore, then even McCain had lost his own moral compass.

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(1) Buster made the following comment | Nov 15, 2008 3:01:28 PM | Permalink

John McCain's staff either failed to properly cover Senator Obama or his friends for the Senator or he refused to use what was available.

Bill Ayers received thousands through Obama's foundations and education performance did not improve over the years. Apparently Ayers is more interested in training than education for most students--to prepare them to carry out the revolution.

His 2006 speech at the World Education Forum lauding Chavez and singing the praises of revolution through education make it plain he doesn't see himself as either waahed-up or retired. There is nothing former about any of his current undertakings.

Here is a discussion.

In To Teach, Ayers lays out the difference between “education” on the one hand and “training” on the other. “Education is for self-activating explorers of life, for those who would challenge fate, for doers and activists, for citizens,” Ayers writes. “Training,” on the other hand, “is for slaves, for loyal subjects, for tractable employees, for willing consumers, for obedient soldiers.”

Also, this piece at NRO:

Getting the 'Ayers Issue' Straight
By M. Jay Wells

Ayers is on the board of the Miranda International Center think tank in Venezuela. The group calls Ayers "the leader of the revolutionary and anti-imperialist group . . . [who has] developed courses around the urban reform of schools, problems of capitalist education, and investigation."

(2) Michael J. Myers made the following comment | Nov 15, 2008 4:02:08 PM | Permalink

Twisted dollop of evil scum? Why don't you come right out and say what you think Mr. Dyer! While I agree with you, and mourn McCain's misjudgments, there are those who will think that Mr. Ayers--aka twisted piece of excrement--is now just a simple educator. If Obama can stop the oceans from rising, rehabbing an unrepentant terrorist should be easy for him to do. As for me, all I can say is that I wish that Ayers had assumed room temperature at the same time his ex girlfriend did when she blew herself up in the Weatherman's bomb factory.

(3) Carol Herman made the following comment | Nov 15, 2008 4:11:57 PM | Permalink

Is there a man in America who hasn't heard of Ayres? The Weather Underground was supposed to "disrupt" Nixon. And, it nearly blew Richard Dryfuss to smitherines. He "lived next door."

Of course, the ploy is to really schmear Obama. Good luck to ya on this endeavor.

The first attempt to change politics, and get "some republican elected to the presidency, was to have Rush Limbaugh tell of his "Operation Chaos." Go ahead. Let a few republicans install a "maverick." But get Hillary the hell out of the competiton. The psychology behind that one is that Black men don't win. And, Hillary's loss to the democratic nomination process would be gigantic. Ho hum.

It's like an "investment strategy" cooked up by inflating home prices with "poor people." And, then adding into the mix Triple-A rated "C.D.O's." Collateralized bonds; that had no human connections at all. OF course, home prices zoomed. Nobody got alarmed, though.

ANd, one or two smart cookies just kept moving up. First, with very little income, they'd buy a house (without a down payment.) The house went up in value. So the bankers came and told them "to take the equity out." Meaning, they bought more houses. Finally, one of these brainless wonders has gone bust with five houses. Valued at much less than the money already taken out. ANd, spent.

I tell you this because our economy is in the toilet. And, very few people grasp the significance of this. Just as the continual harping against Obama will make Obama look like peaches & cream once he's in office. How so? Well, you've lowered the bar. And, you still couldn't get McCain elected.

If you have a case against Ayers, put him in jail! (Of course, lawyers usually don't waste their time. And, prosecutors wouldn't get an upside, going after Ayers now. Time passes. Takes the window of opportunity with it, too. But it doesn't stop the bitching.

Besides, Obama'a already black. Why are you wasting good will on this crap?

Everybody who wanted to vote for Obama, did. He won. And, just because McCain couldn't grasp the nature of the contest; and, hence had no plans of his own. All he could do was show his distaste for Black men. They're not born "special." There's no birth right. Like Dubya enjoys. And, McCain, too.

If you take a look at the election loss, you'll see that with all your spewing Harry Reid's in better shape. Got more democratic birds under his wing. And, so, too, does Pelosi. She ripened 22 new seats. (And, in DC, that's called power.) Of course, the economy can't get fixed so fast!

Who can afford a house, now? Besides, who'd want one, if the idea of equity will be slow to grow? After 1929, housing prices tanked. And, it took until 1954, for housing prices to reach their September 1929 levels. I kid you not.

If I needed to hire a lawyer, I wouldn't hire one who didn't see the need to win over jurors. Gerry Spence proves himself in the courtroom. He was hired by Imelda Marcos. She did what he told her to do. By explaining he was the professional. And, she was the client. In they walked to a NYC court. And, the jury came back with a verdict for the defense. Martha Stewart wasn't so lucky. Keep this in mind. You can have the facts in the case in your favor. And, like Martha Stewart, you can still lose.

What is it about the press; where you evaluate stories to gather momentum. But instead, you've got a lot of evidence, that you've been ignored. Doesn't mean people are unaware! Lots of people may not be math mavens, but in today's world, a lot of people know, first hand, what it's like to see their equity dwindle. Hey. They didn't even go to Vegas!

So let me suggest something. Instead of the John McCain "notes" ... that got you nowhere ... begin focussing on how "more than half the people in this country" are gonna see how rating agencies LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH. I know. I know. Guiliani spent a mint of money and died in Florida. No hopes left, now, except to run for governor of New York State. A possibility he can contemplate in 2010. Hillary can also contemplate this. Depending on what she wants to do. Lots of living horses in the barn. They just need to be taken out and walked around a bit. Loosen up those muscles, before they atrophy.

Guiliani, by the way, can be ideal. He got started in politics, back in 1987. As a prosecutor who took down Michael Milken. (Yeah. Yeah. Milken hired the best defense talent he could find. But it didn't help.)

There are characters out there, now, who will be accused of killing the golden goose. What's the GOP gonna say? Blame Ayres? Lots of luck.

(4) Bill Brandt made the following comment | Nov 15, 2008 6:52:22 PM | Permalink

As I predicted the Ayers interview comes out AFTER the election. Carol believe it or not there's a whole 2 generations who have never heard of this guy -

One is known by the company one chooses as friends...

(5) rls made the following comment | Nov 15, 2008 7:32:45 PM | Permalink

But anyone else who could sit in the same room with Bill Ayers without complaint, without speaking out about his continued depravity, has deliberately chosen to ignore evil — and by ignoring it, to perpetuate and implicitly defend it.

I guess that describes "President elect BHO".

(6) stan made the following comment | Nov 15, 2008 9:29:59 PM | Permalink


Carol's really a plant, isn't she? She's just your way of making fun of liberals. Good one.

I see that Obama's people were already meeting with Palestinian terrorists before the election. Barry told them them not to tell anyone 'til after the election. He does love his terrorists.

(7) Carol Herman made the following comment | Nov 16, 2008 4:35:31 AM | Permalink

For what it's worth, on "not knowing about the 60's, you still have the Beatles. And, you still have the Peace symbol.

As to Obama, he's been elected fair and square. (In other words? He got enough votes. "More than half.")

And, from the looks of things he's not going to be "milky-toast." But bold. I've read someplace that he's familiar with FDR. And, has spent time reading books about "those times." Which seem to be part of a repetitive cycle: Greed to Bust.

I still think Dubya's given us "memorable moments." Quite a "Mission Accomplished" sign. And, who could forget Harriet Miers? Where it took Andy Card 3 attempts to get her to "withdraw" her nomination. She was so sure of easy confirmation; it didn't hit her that she'd become laughing stock.

Whew. Sometimes, ya just get saved from your own stupidities.

Then, again, Rush Limbaugh was wrong about "Operation Chaos." Since the Black man DID win. Now, ya just have to get used to it.

Part of the "problem" with this Ayre's crap is that it didn't sell to the public. McCain could'a stripped off his clothes, and shouted out Ayre's from rooftops; he still didn't get enough votes to win. And, such behaviors only exposed that he had no plans of his own.

Sometimes, it pays to have nominees who have actual plans to govern. And, it's not just based on bullshit.

True, Obama, so far, is untested. Doesn't mean he isn't putting together a team based on the best sets of brains the democrats can find. (As to Secretary of State? I don't think it goes to Richardson. I don't think it goes to Hillary; and, I'd even be surprised if he hands this to Kerry. On the other hand? It would make me laugh to see Colin Powell put back in charge. This would aggravate Condi! And, really piss off Dubya. But it would give Oliver Stone access to a "sequel" ... For an "O" instead of a "W" ... Not that it matters.)

We're in the audience. We're not the writers on this show. And, we've got to wait to see what happens, next.

If the democrats come back strong, then the GOP has a harder climb getting out of its hole.

(8) Maura made the following comment | Nov 16, 2008 7:04:46 PM | Permalink

Beldar, this piece is great! THANK YOU for speaking out strongly about the "twisted dollop of evil scum" and his wife.

I am heartsick that the old media is mainstreaming these two. And it seems nothing can be done. At least we still have the freedom to speak out here on the internet, though I'm wondering just how long this ability will be sustained. Honestly.

The fact is that a huge segment of middle America ~ those who have not yet learned that the old media rarely equals truth any longer ~ will be beginning to believe that Ayres & Dohrn aren't 'so bad' after all. It's a travesty of truth and justice.

(9) Milhouse made the following comment | Nov 19, 2008 2:57:32 PM | Permalink

But anyone else who could sit in the same room with Bill Ayers without complaint, without speaking out about his continued depravity, has deliberately chosen to ignore evil — and by ignoring it, to perpetuate and implicitly defend it.
Now weren't you telling us just the other day that Obama is a good man?

(10) Adam made the following comment | Nov 19, 2008 7:06:40 PM | Permalink

Seeing as how I'm only 15 (less than a week away from 16, though), I can say that I honestly hadn't heard of the weathermen, much less, Bill Ayers, until he popped up in this election. Still don't know much about him. But I can safely say that someone who intends to do good and f**ks it up entirely (Either wrong methods, like Ayers, or right methods and messes up) cannot be rightly called 'Evil'. They can be called Stupid As hell, or completely misguided, but not Evil.
Just my two cents (How many 15-year olds say that?)

(11) Beldar made the following comment | Nov 19, 2008 7:17:00 PM | Permalink

What's "good" about killing policemen? About killing the girlfriends and families of soldiers?

What's "good" about even blowing up government property worth millions of dollars, even if no one was hurt?

(But people were hurt. People were killed. Ayers was the co-conspirator of those who hurt and killed people, even if we can't prove that he set those particular bombs or fired those particular bullets himself.)

Him saying he intended "good" is not what counts. We each have a moral obligation to make judgments about what's good or evil in an absolute sense. Anyone who's not a psychopath agrees it's not "good" to kill the people the Weathermen tried to kill.

(Note: PG-13 language standards here, I've edited yours.)

(12) SPQR made the following comment | Nov 27, 2008 8:14:57 PM | Permalink

Boy, two cents just doesn't buy much anymore, does it Beldar?

(13) JS made the following comment | Dec 7, 2008 11:54:51 AM | Permalink

UM, I think this "great piece" which does not directly attack an equally disgusting Barry, (it actually sounds as if poor Barry is being used by the evil one) but sure kicks McCain in the teeth, is a wee bit off the mark, and just about a year too late. How about a piece on Wright next. It can be about how McCain protected him...

(14) nobozons made the following comment | Dec 15, 2008 1:40:03 PM | Permalink

I am astounded that America could vote for BO with the stench of Ayers on him.

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