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Monday, November 10, 2008

Meanwhile, in the Oval Office

Ann Althouse is right: This photograph of Dubya and Obama in the Oval Office is "[a]rtfully composed and deeply historic." It's flattering to both men, and although it cannot soothe all or even most of my worries about the impending Obama Administration, it's nevertheless reassuring in many important ways.

President George W. Bush and President-Elect Barack Obama meet in the Oval Office on Monday, November 10, 2008

Professor Althouse's link to the photo, this one, contains a claim by the Associated Press that it owns the copyright to the photo, and a stern warning that it "may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed." Poppycock. Perhaps the Associated Press and the mainstream media consider the presidency a gift that they have bestowed upon Barack Obama, and they certainly did their best to determine the election's outcome. But their photographers didn't take this photo — it was made instead by White House Photo Director Eric Draper — and the Associated Press doesn't own or have any rights the image whatsoever. The AP's just flat-out lying again, in other words.

This photo belongs to America — and it, and all that it signifies, is a gift from us to the world.

Note that the leather chair between the flags is empty, as are the small guest chairs on either side of the desk. George W. Bush, a/k/a Chimpy McBusHitler and all sorts of other vile names, has no need or wish to play status games with the next occupant of this office.

More importantly: There will be no tanks on the Mall. There will be no manufactured crisis to justify the 101st Airborne seizing the Metro stations while Dick Cheney directs the suppression of the Obama Transition Team from a bunker in an unspecified location. There won't even be any "O" keys pried off computer keyboards. The barking moonbats who've been saying for years that we're already living under a Dubya-imposed military government would be ashamed if they had the decency necessary for that emotion.

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(1) craig mclaughlin made the following comment | Nov 10, 2008 6:44:33 PM | Permalink

President George W. Bush deserved a helluva lot better than what he’s gotten from his own party and from people who should have had his back. God knows the man had his faults, but he’s been systematically slimed and slandered by a bunch of media morons and democratic party hacks that aren’t collectively fit to shine his shoes. And I’m a little ashamed that we let that happen.

(2) rls made the following comment | Nov 10, 2008 7:43:58 PM | Permalink

GWB has kept us safe for seven years plus. No attacks on our soil and thousands of plots worldwide thwarted, so I give him props for that. Had he not tried to be so damn accommodating to his political enemies, so hell bent on being a "uniter" and lived up to his conservative principles, we, IMHO would not have had Obama in the White House....so boo to him there.

(3) Carol Herman made the following comment | Nov 10, 2008 7:50:49 PM | Permalink

We're all members in a BIG COUNTRY! And, one where E. B. White once said, when asked "what democracy means to me," replied in a New Yorker article (that was a favorite of FDR's) ... "American democracy means that more than half the people are right more than half the time."

There's a wonder to the ballot box that evens out the extremes; and FOR THE PEOPLE Obama is a choice that works. He's also resolute. Not shy of pushing back on Bush's agenda, that was done to appease the social conservatives.

You will see Executive Orders that will show CHANGE, and a new direction.

You'll see stem cell research. And, the overseas AIDS program which was stymied by expenses touting monogamy, instead of condoms, falling by the wayside.

Well, the social conservatives picked one side. And, that side lost.

Obama is also going to be agressive on the economy. Agressive on every Federal agency. And, there will be an un-doing to the Bush presidency.

No crystal ball needed. When you get unhappy, though, try to remember what gave the democrats the edge. And, why you need to have candidates "more than half the voters" are willing to vote FOR.

(4) stan made the following comment | Nov 10, 2008 9:54:13 PM | Permalink


Please get Carol some help. Can we hit a tipjar for her sessions?

Didn't Krugman write that Bush planned to stage a coup?

(5) Dai Alanye made the following comment | Nov 10, 2008 10:38:38 PM | Permalink

I'm happy to say that I opposed Dubya from the start of his candidacy, but supported him, of course, against the poseurs who ran against him in 2000 and 2004. He was masterful for a time after 9/11, and generally stayed strong until the dumping of the architect of victory in Afghanistan and Iraq, altho we won't know the full story on that until Rumsfeld's book is out.

There have been two basic problems, as I see it: Compassionate Conservatism and reaching out to the Dems. Had Dubya used the veto early and often to at least moderate expenditures, had he been less complacent toward immigration, and had he beat the Dems like a rented mule both his popularity and his success rate would be higher. He has been unwise in his dependency on RINOs (Colin Powell especially) and holdovers from the Clinton years who have cooperated too freely with our enemies foreign and domestic.

Now he is compounding the nation's problems by his apparent acceptance of Obama and all that the man represents. Getting Barry off to a good start makes Dubya look better to his critics, of course, who are daily finding new virtues in Chimpy W Bushitler, but I'm not sure what good they'll do America in the long run.

(6) PC14 made the following comment | Nov 10, 2008 11:32:56 PM | Permalink

geez, Obama is teh skinny.

Their chairs must have been placed with a t-square and triangle.

And the table between the sofas was centered on the north/south tile line with a freakin' plumb bob.

(7) Carol Herman made the following comment | Nov 11, 2008 1:45:13 PM | Permalink

What a mistake Bush made! This visit was supposed to be UP FRONT. Bush should have recognized cameras there! And, what's this? A "secret deal" ... without allowing Obama to speak words, about coupling an AMERICAN BAIL OUT fvor our auto industry to COLUMBIA? Was this going to be a drug by?

A show of strength?

What a boob!

SO, he got off on some negative publicity against Obama. But ya know what? Obama did speak to his STAFF; now full of transition people. And, he probably started off by saying ... "You wouldn't believe this!"

So, Dubya is gonna play "hard ball."

Meanwhile, I've noticed Pelosi saying "she'd call her House into session ... BUT SHE HASN'T. So separate from the "hoopla" of Obama going to the White House ... "to be shown around" ... You get the impression that Dubya is still full of himself. ANd, totally unaware of the pratfalls. (At least you'd think he'd trip on McCain, first. Before pulling this stunt.)

Obama is NOT a friend of Bush's. He doesn't owe Bush the time of day. And, there's no secret out there that the automotive industry is in need of a bail out. Their cash filled days are over.

And, how Obama will handle the economy is NOT within Bush's reach!

Oh, boy. Starting with January 20th, you're gonna see Dubya's "legacy" smashed to smitherines. Starting with investigations that will come as soon as Obama "changes Bush's directions" on Executive orders.

Let me tell ya, Bush has no brains. This "secret tet-a-tet" was just a stupid expectation.

Well, in "lawyer speak" it would mean: The "hot shot just pissed off the judge."

While the jury (American voters), supports the guy who got elected. While Bush still hasn't figured out all the negatives he's carrying.

Which will land in the public domain.

Yeah, "Obama can't keep secrets." Sure. Now, that you've told it to the judge, though ... you're ammunition is in short supply.

Is there a word for Dubya that could be used, here? Yeah. GRACE-LESS.

(8) Carol Herman made the following comment | Nov 11, 2008 1:58:48 PM | Permalink

It's good to remember that Obama supplied an autobiography; where he relates to another White House visit. Here, Bush shook his hand, and immediately turned his back, so a staff person could spritz "hand sanitizer" into his palms.

Bush, perhaps, recognized what he had just done? Because he offered Obama a "spritz." And, to be polite, Obama said he accepted a dollop of hand sanitizer.

Perhaps, you don't see any problems? It also helps if you're in denial. But what you should look for? Well, how soon after Dubya leaves the White House (January 20th), can he come back for a "professional visit" ... where he's an invited guest?

Back in the days of Bill Clinton, just as Bill Clinton was exiting the White House, there was a big dinner for ALL LIVING PRESIDENTS. In the year 2000. Poppy Bush couldn't stomach Clinton; so there was a film clip of both men standing at the dias, when Clinton explained that Poppy was "going to Spain, where, maybe, he'd find some votes to count from Florida."

So, sure. Poppy and his son could be going back into the White House ... for the LIVING PRESIDENTS dinner, if another gets held. Still living are Jimmy Carter, Poppy and his son, Dubya. And, of course, Bill Clinton. (Perhaps? Gore would get in as "President for a day?")

But these events are PUBLIC. Go ahead. Stick a label on them that they are hush-hush. When they are NOT.

As to Dubya's "last big deal attempt," all that was missing was his banner: Mission Accomplished. Yeah. Dubya really built a bridge of friendship towards Obama.

Just as Poppy seethed in the presence of Bill Clinton.

Even if this plays well with social conservatives; it doesn't hit the ratings jackpot.

But go ahead. Have fun. The Oval Office is beautiful.

(9) PC14 made the following comment | Nov 11, 2008 2:31:19 PM | Permalink

The sanitizing after the hand-shake story seems to get stretched as time passes. I remember they were having breakfast after the meeting and perhaps Bush likes to wash his hands before eating.

Or maybe he always had some Purell around since Condi and Powell liked to drop in every so often.

Screw him George, have some fun and remove all the "O"s on the keyboards.

(10) Michael J. Myers made the following comment | Nov 11, 2008 8:12:46 PM | Permalink

Carol--try spell checking your rants. And take a deep breath and maybe some rose hip tea or whatever may calm you down. Folks are generally polite around here.

Your man won, and that's wonderful. But until Inauguration Day, Bush remains President--and Obama was a guest in the President's office.

(11) hunter made the following comment | Nov 11, 2008 9:06:56 PM | Permalink

What this picture shows me is, on the right, what may be the last honorable man to occupy the WH, and, on the right, the first man to use third world election buying to sneak into the WH.

(12) Wince and Nod made the following comment | Nov 13, 2008 1:53:34 PM | Permalink

Reading this comment thread makes me glad Glenn Reynolds doesn't allow comments anymore. Now my head hurts. Maybe you should turn them off, because the post was fabulous.


(13) Carol Herman made the following comment | Nov 14, 2008 2:53:43 PM | Permalink

Seems possible to me you can like Glenn Reynolds site; which includes recipes. And, photos. And, a whole bunch of links. And, you can like Drudge, too. Where there's no comments board, either.


Now, how much credit does Dubya get to invite Obama in to "show him around?" And, what happens, when out of the blue, Dubya tries to bypass Congress; and make a deal for "free drugs from Columbia," as a "free trade" deal.

This has as much to do with "bail out" ... as just about thinking once you've got a guest in your home, you can try to sell him Amway. Or a set of encyclopedias. Obviously, Obama didn't take the bait.

And, yes. Obama has staff. Also with phones. So, it's not just something you'd discover over at McCain's headquarters.

And, the White House may have wanted to stop all the yelling against Palin? So, this approach was set into motion. To Dubya, it must have smelled like a "win-win." He could claim "he's better than Obama because he keeps secrets." While, who knows?

Congress countered with threats of an investigation.

Sure. You've heard it all before.

This time around, though, our economy is in the tank. It got into the tank because Wall Street got "approval" to run fraudulent numbers. Instead of just granting loans to people who could ever pay them back ... They made up a variant on the bonds, where they didn't even need sales!

Wait until this gets explained.

No. Not so far off. Michael Lewis' book on our ECONOMIC PANIC comes out on December 8th. And, I've read a few of his magazine articles. To say "eye opening" is to put it mildly.

Just like after Katrina, you could no longer say water is the "fabric of life." Katrina got pretty destructive. And, up ahead? You'll begin to fathom the mess.

Worse than 1929? Hard to say. One of the mechanisms of recovery happens to be a thriving home development segment. It's gone South. And, it took the engine of the economy with it.

Greed leaves people poorer.

It's also possible that Dubya's 8 years will lend grief to polticians, ahead?

But he was doing the right thing by being critical of Obama's political skills? You just haven't seen the tackle from the Blind Side.

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