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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Harry Reid: Pederast?

We simply can't know that all the rumors about Harry Reid's pederasty are false until he releases his personal porn collection. Of course, if he denies having a porn collection, we will know he's a liar.

(There are also rumors that Reid and Mitt Romney are both Mormons. I know, that's hard to believe, but I hope someone looks into that. I'm sure someone from Team Obama will get around to it between now and November.)


An email from a law school friend prompted me to remember this post from 2004, in which I revealed the real dirt on John Kerry, too.

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(1) Beldar made the following comment | Aug 2, 2012 8:30:53 PM | Permalink

This post assumes you're following current affairs closely enough to be aware of Majority Leader Reid's bold claims about Mitt Romney and his taxes. Follow the links if you haven't been following that topic. Here's another. Note the subject categories flagged for this post.

(2) rodney made the following comment | Aug 2, 2012 8:56:05 PM | Permalink


(3) RebeccaH made the following comment | Aug 3, 2012 9:27:08 AM | Permalink

I also heard that Harry Reid wears women's underwear. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

(4) Allan Yackey made the following comment | Aug 3, 2012 1:27:56 PM | Permalink

Welcome back after a long dry spell.

I conclude that you must have escaped from the kidnapers. I heard a rumor that you had been kidnapped leaving the courthouse by people in a vehicle with stickers from the Reid for Senate and Obama/Biden Presidential campaign.

Since I haven’t seen any proof offered that the rumor is not true, it must have been a fact.

(5) richard40 made the following comment | Aug 3, 2012 5:15:10 PM | Permalink

On Reids mormonism. Isn't it a bit funny that dems constantly talk about how Romney being a Mormon is supposed to be a problem, but you never hear them complain about Reid. Same old hipocracy, rich dems OK, rich repubs bad, Mormon dems OK, Mormon repubs bad.

(6) Human Person Junior, Jr. made the following comment | Aug 4, 2012 8:38:29 PM | Permalink

There's a way Harry can clear his name. If he chooses not to take this path, his reputation will forever be that of a pederast.

There are two pieces of technology that can help him prove his innocence, or, more likely, guilt. The police can use a polygraph, as well as a penile plethysmograph. I can't reveal the source of the allegation of Senator Reid's pederasty, but he himself can lay this matter to rest. He needs to report to the local police station and have them begin testing. If he refuses to clear his name, the nation can draw their own conclusions as to his guilt or innocence. Just like Governor Romney and the tax returns.

(7) Mike Myers made the following comment | Aug 5, 2012 6:12:02 AM | Permalink

Good to see you back. And did you hear that Harry Reid is a pederast? I mean, as Harry says, "the word is out".

I think that Harry is makng most of his "stupid" claims on the Senate floor where he has some shield against the defamation laws.
And, as a practical matter, he can probably get away with this nonsense if he says it off the Senate floor. That said, the man still lacks a sense of shame.

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